Recycling Program

At Liberty Thrift, we’re all about second chances. Unfortunately, not all of them are in sellable condition. So what do we do when we can’t sell our items? Well, we do our best to be responsible…so we recycle what we can!

Last Year We Recycled:

pounds of clothes

pounds of shoes

pounds of paper

pounds of cardboard

Items We Recycle:

  • clothing
  • shoes
  • books
  •  paper
  • cardboard
  • ink cartridges
  • laptops
  • cds
  • computers
  • digital cameras
  • electronics
  •  cell phones
Recycling Baler

Recycled Clothing

Data: Destroyed.

Liberty Thrift partners with MPC to destroy your computer hard drives in a secure way. Together, we take great care to ensure that your computer’s personal data is protected.

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