Donation Drives

There are plenty of items out there worth a second chance! Help us keep more waste out of our landfills by holding a donation drive with your business, school, community or organization.

Step 1: Call or Email Us!

We’ll help you decide when to hold the drive and to help with any other questions you may have.

Step 2: Promote Your Drive!

Flyers, emails, social media, newspapers – they’re all great ways to promote your event! We’ll help you out anyway we can and even feature you on our blog!

Step 3: Benefit Your Community!

Rest easy in knowing that helping Liberty is great for the environment! Check our recycling page to see how you can help us make an even bigger difference in the world! A Liberty truck will pick up your donations at the end of the drive.

Donation Drives

For more information or to set up a drive, contact:

Zack Payne, Office Manager

(610) 754-1898 or