Our Mission

Liberty Thrift & Home Furnishings

A Thrift Store, Owned and Operated by Liberty Ministries

Liberty Thrift & Home Furnishings, a thrift store owned and operated by Liberty Ministries, is a retail operation dependent on donated merchandise.  The primary function of the store is to raise funds to support the mission of Liberty Ministries.  In addition, it serves as an outlet for persons who wish to donate reusable clothing and items.  It also serves as a resource for persons wishing to purchase reasonably priced used clothing and items.



Liberty Ministries

Liberty Ministries exists to serve offenders in prison and ex-offenders in the community by showing God’s love, providing practical assistance and supporting Biblical standards of justice.

Correctional Facilities

Liberty Ministries sends volunteers into Montgomery County and Graterford prisons six days a week, including multiple chapel services on Sundays.  With over 150 volunteers, there are lots of opportunities for us to minister to those behind bars.  Liberty Ministry volunteers visit to teach, train, mentor, and prepare men and women for life outside of prison.

Graterford Prison

Liberty House

Liberty House

Liberty House was opened in 1980 and offers a dormitory style residence for men that were recently released from prison. The men enroll into a twelve month educational and discipleship program to help integrate them back into society. During the program, the men work at our thrift stores to learn important lessons about the work force. The program also teaches key skills that help prepare them for life after Liberty.

Christmas Gifts

Every year, just before Christmas, Liberty Ministries goes into Montgomery County Correctional Facility to hand out hope to the inmates (men & women). Every single one of them receives a Christmas stocking during a time when then men and women probably will not receive any visits or gifts. Liberty has been committed to handing these out year after year.

Christmas Gifts For Inmates

Summer Camps

Summer Camps

When adults make poor decisions that lead to incarceration, it hurts everyone around them, especially their children. We want to help by giving those children the opportunity to enjoy a basic childhood experience. Since 2012, Liberty has teamed up with Camp Men-O-Lan to send these kids to summer camp!