General FAQs

Liberty Thrift & Home Furnishings is owned and operated by Liberty Ministries, a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization. 100% of the proceeds from Liberty Thrift, after expenses, go to support Liberty Ministries. It is a prison ministry in Schwenksville that ministers to men and women incarcerated in Montgomery County Correction Facility as well as Graterford prison. These facilities are both within 5 miles of the ministry offices. There is also Liberty House, a dormitory style residence program for men who have recently been released from prison. If accepted, they enroll in a 12 month educational and discipleship program. For more information, please check out our Mission page.
The men that have enrolled in Liberty’s after-prison discipleship program are required to volunteer at the thrift stores for 60 hours.  After they have completed their volunteer hours, they must work at the thrift stores for at least 3 months.  This gives them a time to get back into the work force and also to develop their work ethic so they may be able to find a job that suits them.  Liberty Thrift is owned and operated by Liberty Ministries, so this connection helps keep everyone on the same page.
Unfortunately, we do receive items and furniture that are just not sellable anymore.  We want to be the best stewards of what God continues to provide through generous people.  We try to recycle as much as possible to keep our landfills clean.  To learn more about our recycling processes, click here.
We are always thinking of expanding and we are avidly seeking other locations that fit our budget as well as fits into our development plans.  If you know of anything, please let us know.
Yes!  We are currently on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.  Check us out for the latest updates and sales!

Donation FAQs

We cannot accept anything that we believe is not in sellable condition.  It varies from piece to piece and depends on the discretion of the person receiving your donation.  Items that include stains, tears, wear spots, animal hair, have an odor, or are too old may be declined.  In regards to hard furniture, we may not accept items with broken/missing pieces or damaged pieces because we do not have a facility for fixing or repairing furniture.

There are also some items that we unfortunately cannot accept anymore. Check out our “Do Not Accept” list.

The donation centers vary in location by store:

Collegeville:  Left side of the building

Little Liberty: Left door

Pottstown: Behind the building

Quakertown: Behind the building

Sanatoga Store – Around the left side of the building

Our locations can accept donations between 9:00 am and 4:30 pm Monday through Saturday.
We provide a FREE furniture pick-up service in the local area for those items that people are not able to bring to us.  The items must be accessible for the men that are coming to pick it up.  We recommend a garage or somewhere near the exit on the first floor.  The men have the right to decline anything that does not meet our guidelines.  This means that even if a pick-up is scheduled, it is NOT a guarantee that they will take everything or anything that you may want to donate.  We also recommend planning ahead and trying to schedule your pick-up as far in advance that is possible. Click here to send us a pick-up request!
Unfortunately, we are not able to exchange/swap anything for your donation; however, we are able to write a tax receipt for those items that are in good or excellent condition.  They are available at your request.

Stores FAQs

We have all sorts of new and used items for purchase, including furniture, clothing, home décor, media items, linens, and more!  For examples of items we sell, check out our Pinterest!
We accept cash as well as Visa, Mastercard, and Discover cards.  Checks are not accepted.
We price our items based on several factors: quality, style, condition, and brand.  If you have any questions about the price of an item, please see a store associate.
For the most part, we have a new sale EVERY week!  Usually one type of item (purses, furniture, etc) are a certain percentage off.  Also, we often have color tag clothing sales!  Check our sales page for more information!
Yes!  Liberty Thrift can deliver to most places in the area.  There is an additional fee for delivery that is dependent on location, what floor we’re delivering to, how many pieces, and how heavy the item is (there may be an extra fee for extremely heavy items such as pianos, etc).  Please see a store manager for more details!
Typically, no.  All sales are final and there are no refunds or exchanges.  There are a few exceptions (electronics that do not work and are not sold “as is” can be returned within 7 days with receipt), but it is up to the discretion of the manager to make the final call.